Industrial / Commercial Monitoring

One of the objective under the pollution reduction issue of the OPMBCS is to reduce by 50% the discharged of raw sewage, septage and untreated and inadequately treated wastewater for commercial/industrial establishment by 2017. Establishments within the Manila Bay Region were monitored to determine the number of establishments complying with the effluent regulations. Pollution loading continue reading : Industrial / Commercial Monitoring

River Water Quality Monitoring

Figure 3.Map showing the selected river system draining into Manila Bay Selected river systems in the Manila Bay Region (Region 4-A, NCR and Region 3) discharging into Manila Bay were monitored to determine their compliance with the water quality criteria. Figure 3 shows the location of selected river system monitored. In the NCR, three (3) continue reading : River Water Quality Monitoring

Baywide Monitoring Offshore

Nine (9) stations Baywide in Manila Bay as shown in figure 2 were monitored for DO, pH, salinity, phosphate, temperature and conductivity. A decreasing trend of Dissolve Oxygen (DO) from top to bottom was observed in the bay. Except station 7 that was monitored in 2011, surface DO conformed the criteria of 5 mg/ml in continue reading : Baywide Monitoring Offshore

Water Quality Monitoring

Monitoring of Bathing Beaches   To determine pathogens contamination of bathing beaches in Manila Bay, nineteen (19) stations were monitored for total and fecal coliform count, (Figure 1). Data derived from the monthly monitoring from 2011 to 2015 for fecal and total coliform are shown in Table 1 and 2 respectively. In summary, Table 3 continue reading : Water Quality Monitoring